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At St Pierre-et-Miquelon, the philately illustrates with art and gracefull the life and the geography of the archipelago :
 History illustrated with stamps. 
Portraits of artists and carvers. 
Actuality of philately from Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.
French Antarctic Territories Ships

Official site of French Antarctic Territories:

The postal history of Adelie Land:

L'Association Française de Philatélie Thématique

The Ship Stamp Society edits a monthly twenty pages magazine,  Log Book

The Ship Mail List allows to exchange informations on ships on stamps

Joe Luft page contains hundred of  references of  personal pages , associations, postal administrations or professional

Fabio's stamps resources list ALL the Postal Authorities of the world, ALL their websites and e-mail addresses.

The n°1 world directory for philatelists.

The stamp swapper paradise

A site dedicated to the collection and discussion of postage stamps featuring ships

An internet exchange packet for stamp collectors (not a site connected with e-Bay)

From clippers to paquebots

Lars Bruzelius site inventories hundred of ships (Maritime History Virtual Archives):

A very well named site:

To be visited for immigration ships:

The ferries site with reference by name or by company :

News of cruise ships are at :

A site for the enthusiasts of merchant marine:

Only for your eyes

Two photos hunters

Philip Plisson, peintre de la Marine : and EDITIONS PECHEUR D'IMAGES


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